We are a procurement partner that brings together many of the things you need to buy and run and scale your business, .We have highly specialised expertise that offers tailored advice to streamline your procurement and business growth needs .
Office club was birthed by the Launch Austrtlaia to help people get a fair deal, to scale & grow their business and achieve their goals.
We are a specialised Procurement and Coaching & Training company. Procurement cost is made up of two components:
The product cost – the actual price of the product – easily defined plus the transparent costs.
The process cost – the actual cost to the organisation to order, receive, pay, store and account for the purchase – not so easily defined, hidden costs and by virtue harder to manage. The Gartner Group quotes that on average the product cost only represents 40 per cent of your total procurement cost. The other 60 per cent comes down to how you procure product in the first place – your methods of ordering, the way in which you hold stock, your inventory levels, your accounting systems and more.
We have a large member and supplier base and can offer you access to the best people services and products and the best price because of our buying power and unique IT systems.
well-versed in marketing, and aren’t just here to sell you something. Helping you win more business makes us go all tingly..


Business Rewards is a member based organisation proudly operating by cooperative principles to support businesses and new business initiatives. We offer our Members a broad range of services centred around business growth & lifestyle products and services. If you’re interested in becoming a Member, click here to learn how to apply.


Business Rewards makes scaling & running your business easier with exclusive services for members with programs, products & services, all to help you better manage your business.

Dedicated, locally based, area managers regularly visit our members and preferred suppliers to understand their business needs and keep them up to date with what is happening and offering new products & services.


Experience the benefits associated with a Business Rewards membership

Benefits & discounts of up to 70% on everyday business growth programs, services & products. $1000,s potential annual of savings.

Benefits & discounts of up to 70% on everyday lifestyle, entertainment, travel, services & products. Family of 4 potential average savings of $2500.



We’re a dynamic team of experienced business people. Our strengths are research, testing and price negotiating of the worlds leading best practice companies for digital marketing & sales, training, development, recruiting, business staples & lifestyle rewards. We are a global procurement company specialising in business growth products & services.


We help you grow & scale your business.
First, we discover all there is to know about you. Your business goals. your marketing goals, what's worked before and what hasn't. Then, we combine our experience, talents and technology to deliver Growth-Driven products and services.